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About University of South China

Situated in Hengyang, a historical and cultural city in central Hunan, China, University of South China
(hereafter USC or the University) is a comprehensive public university with a history of about 60 years. The
University was merged in 2000 by Hengyang Medical College, founded in 1958 and administrated by Hunan
Province, Central South Institute of Technology, in 1959, and the 6th Nuclear Institute, in 1962, both
administrated by the former Ministry of Nuclear Industry.
One of the yiben or firsttier, universities on the Mainland, China, the Universitycovers academic research
and education in 9 disciplines, namely, engineering, medicine, management, sciences, economics, philosophy,
law, literature and art. USC comprises 26 colleges and schools, 4 affiliated hospitals and 13 teaching hospitals.
The University offers 76 Bachelor programs, 149 Master programs and 18 doctorate programs to students from
all over the world.It also offers two special training programs -- “Outstanding Engineers” and “Outstanding
Doctors” -- financed by the Ministry of Education.
Currently, the number of existing students on campus is nearly 38000, including over 33000 full-time
undergraduates, over 4500 postgraduate and doctoral students and over 200 international students.
Actively involved in global interactions since its foundation, the University has established official
cooperative relations with many universities and enterprises in the worldand initiated to admit foreign students
from other countries and regions all over the world. USC has long been enjoying a nationwide reputation for its
medical and nuclear sciences and environment-oriented disciplines, and has nurtured 160 thousands of talents
and professionals in these fields as well as others in 58 years.
USC embraces the best and brightest worldwide for further studies and is committed to preparing each one
of them for a promising future.