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Notice on HSK Exam Registration

Notice on HSK Exam Registration

To whom it may concern

The registration for the upcoming May-19-2018 HSK Exam has kicked off. The specific items are as follows:

1. Exam levels and time

HSK 4: 9:00 May 19 (Saturday), 2018

HSK 3 and 5: 13:30 -15:30 May 19 (Saturday), 2018

2. Testee’s status and applying principles

The following candidates are welcome to apply at their own will.

1) International students

2) Chinese students of minority ethnics whose native tongue is non-mandarin.

3.Registration deadline

April 22, 2018(Sunday)

4. Registration and payment

To-be testees are to log in the website-www. Chinesetest.cnto register and pay the fees accordingly.

HSK Center at USC

                                              International Department of USC

                                                    March 16, 2018