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About the Programs

Programs to be Specially recommended:
For bachelor degree:
For master degree:
For doctorate degree:
2.2. Duration
Non-degree Chinese Proficiency program:
Degree programs:
Foundation Program:
The university offers programs for Chinese language proficiency, bachelor degree, master and doctorate
International students are accepted for all programs, either in English medium or in Chinese medium. For
enrollment details about each program please visit the website
(1) Civil Engineering in English Medium
(2) Mechanical Engineering in English Medium
(3) Nuclear Technology and Nuclear Engineering in English Medium
(4) Clinical Medicine ( aka Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MBBS)
(1) Civil Engineering (2) Mechanical Engineering (3) Nuclear science and technology
(4) Software engineering (5) Basic Medicine (6) Clinical Medicine
(7) pharmacy (8) Business Management (9) International economy and trade
(1) Nuclear science and technology (2) Safety science and Engineering (3) Basic Medicine
All programs are offered exclusively to full-time international students.
The duration for the non-degree Chinese language program is at least one semester.
The duration for an undergraduate program is 4 to 6 years, for postgraduate or doctoral program is 3 to 5
The candidate for a degree program but without the Chinese competence required by USC is to undertake a
foundation program first (unless specified otherwise). The duration for foundation program varies from one
semester to two semesters depending on the requirements and the candidate’s performance.International
students who majored in clinical medicine must have a foundation study period lasting one school year, 40 weeks.
The students who want to study MBBS passed the HSK level 3 or above level exam can directly enter the
professional study.

Master and Doctoral Candidates: ¥1000/academic year
*An academic year runs from September of the year to the following July.
Tuition Fee for International Undergraduate Programs of USC (2017-2018)
4.3. Tuition Fee
4.3.1 Undergraduate Programs
* Special scholarship will be offered to the marked Chinese-medium programs
The fees for Master and Doctoral Candidates are ¥3000/ academic year and ¥5000/academic year more
than the undergraduate’s tuition fees respectively.
The tuition fee for MBA is ¥24000/ academic year.
Room Deposit: ¥500.
Double room: from ¥3000 to ¥5000/ bed / academic year.
A comprehensive medical insurance system has been implemented for international students in China,
consisting of accidental injury and hospitalization insurance. It is compulsory for self-financing international
students to purchase an insurance scheme meeting the standard designated by the Ministry of Education. The
university will not accept an international student to register if he/she does not have such an insurance scheme.
NB: The University collects all dues by the academic year rather than the calendar year.
All fees charged by the University will be calculated from the date the student is supposed to arrive
specified on the admission notice should it come to refunding.
The fees of Physical Examination, Health Insurance, Residence Permit and fees for personal items are to
be collected at actual cost.